Body Detoxing

30 minute session

The detox foot spa is the one of the best solutions in removing the toxins from the body. This is also referred as the ionic detoxification foot bath wherein you will undergo the detoxification process by placing your feet in a container filled with water and light current will be passed through the container. You might be concerned on the consequences you will have to face by placing your feet in a container filled with water and current. This process is entirely different from the current you are using for the home appliances and here only very low current is passed through the water that will not affect your health condition at all. This current will not cause any harm to the body conditions and your body will always remain fit without causing any trouble. The level of current is too low and this is made only for the purpose of detoxification.

Positive ions are formed inside the water when the current is passed through them. When you place your feet inside the container, negative ions residing in the body will be attracted by the positive ions in the water and finally the negative ions will be pulled out through the feet. All the negative ions are toxins and unwanted waste particles that got deposited in the body for years.

You may also notice a color change happening to the water in the container after a while. It is the negative ions that are removed from the body and being deposited in the water. Imagine the level of toxins that were present in the body and now being removed to the water. This will definitely help you to regain all your lost energies and definitely help you to move ahead for a long time without causing any unwanted health troubles. This will also reduce the strain that was given to the natural detoxification process of the body and your system will be freed from sometime and that energy can be used in different ways efficiently for the body. You will also get benefits from sound sleeping patterns through the detoxification methods along with a better immune system.



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